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About us

The International Board of Dry Needling (IDNB) was established with the primary objective of ensuring that every physical therapy practitioner worldwide meets the minimum requirements for safe and effective Dry Needling practice. Through a dedicated and efficient organization, the IDNB aims to license, monitor, discipline, educate, and, when necessary, rehabilitate practitioners to ensure their competence in serving the global population.

In addition to this, the IDNB is committed to ensuring that all Dry Needling training programs align with the minimum requirements necessary to achieve the aforementioned goals, promoting safe and evidence-based practice.

By establishing and upholding these standards, the IDNB strives to enhance the professionalism, safety, and quality of Dry Needling practice worldwide, ultimately benefiting individuals seeking Dry Needling services across the globe.

IDNB operates on the fundamental principle of non-interference and conflict avoidance with other institutions. Moreover, the IDNB actively seeks partnerships and embraces various forms of cooperation that align with its goals, fostering an environment of openness and collaboration.



The IDNB has developed its own rigorous standards, which have been meticulously crafted by a team of experts and specialists. These standards serve as the foundation for granting accreditation to Dry Needling programs.

Accreditation from IDNB is regarded as a prestigious certificate, ensuring that the accredited program adheres to the highest standards in delivering and overseeing Dry Needling training . Our accreditation project is driven by the goal of elevating the quality and effectiveness of Dry Needling practice and training . By establishing stringent standards for accreditation, we aim to enhance the overall standards of the practice.

For IDNB accreditation inquiries: accreditation@idnb.world

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Become now and IDNB licenced practitioner / member and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enjoy an esteemed international status as part of a leading institution that upholds advanced standards.
  • Your name will be added to the directory of accredited board members and practitioners, giving you a global reach through a reputable institution.
  • Board Membership guarantees safe practice with a high degree of reliability.

Note : The IDNB license / Membership is valid for ONE year.

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The International Board of Dry Needling (IDNB) strongly recommends seeking dry needling therapy exclusively from accredited practitioners.

These professionals have demonstrated their unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of practice. By choosing accredited practitioners, individuals can ensure they receive the most effective and safe treatment available.

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IDNB Fellowship


The Dry Needling Fellowship Program is a unique intensive and specialized training program designed by the International Physical Therapy Academy IPTA in Collaboration with The International Board of Dry Needling IDNB for Physiotherapists who wish to enhance and advance their Dry Needling skills. This program typically spans a duration of three months and provides participants with comprehensive advanced practical training in the application of dry needling techniques.

The primary objective of the Dry Needling Fellowship Program is to equip Physiotherapists with the advanced expertise to effectively and safely utilize dry needling as a treatment modality for various conditions. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the underlying principles, techniques, and evidence-based practices associated with dry needling.

During the program, participants will engage in a combination of hands-on practical training, and supervised clinical experiences. Supervised clinical experiences allow participants to apply their knowledge and skills in real patient settings under the guidance and supervision of experienced mentors . This provides participants with valuable opportunities to refine their techniques, improve patient interaction, and gain confidence in their clinical decision-making.

Fellowship program will be available soon

Experienced dry Needling practitioner ? Apply now to become program mentor: send email of interest to: fellowship@idnb.world



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